Google Paying Settlements In Millions

Google Paying Settlements In Millions, But Why?

The main question which we all have regarding the claims of California that Google is tracking the locations even without our consent. It was recently revealed that Google has agreed to pay $155 million to settle the same claim. The amount roughly translate to around 1,300 crore which is a huge amount. This article will talk about in  detail the same situation created by Google.

Google Paying Settlements In Millions

What do we know about the California case?

It was revealed by the statements made by the California case that the Alphabet unit is deceiving people. The users are misguided over how much they have control over the collection of their personal data by this company, Google. It seems that Google is deceiving people regarding the location settings.

The accusation basically that the company was targeting people with advertisement. Even if the users turned off their location history still the company was tracking the users based on which the ads are being stormed on them. The idea of blocking ads at this point seems like nothing but a fake option.

What is google doing according to them?

During the case, the California Attorney General Rob Bonta stated that if Google is not sticking to its words and misguiding users, it is wrong. He says that if users opt out of the option of sharing their location then Google should not have it. However, google seems to still have access to that, which brings up the question of trust. Google is misusing the users’ movements to gain commercially.

How much is google paying for the settlement?

Google has to pay $93 million which becomes around 770 crore in Indian rupee to settle this California case. They must also disclose about their way of tracking people and their whereabouts. They must also disclose more about how they use this data which they collect from tracking their users.

Where will the money of the settlement?

The money which will be given by Google for the settlement, is $62 million and around 515 crore will be given to the non-profit groups which helps in tracking internet privacy concerns. Since it is quite impossible to distribute the money to all the 24.7 million users, thus, after deducting the legal fees, it will go to the non-profiting groups.

Google also resolved a similar case which was made by 40 US states. It costed around $391.5 million which roughly is around 3,250 crore which google paid to do settlement. Google’s recent revenue which, generated was in the first half of the year is, almost 81 %  of its total revenue. They have already made around $110.9 billion from advertisements. This revenue that is generated makes up 81% of the total revenue which is around $137.7 billion.

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