Gmail Can Now Draft Emails For You, Know more about the new ‘Help Me Write’ Feature

Google announced a lot of new updates at their Google I/O 2023 conference this year. We have seen the launch of the latest Pixel devices, AI enhancements in Gmail, Google Maps, Google Photos and many more. Among the all latest updates at the event, Gmail’s “Help Me Write” feature is going to be helpful for billions of the users around the world. Google also introduced Bard which is going to be a ChatGPT competitor.

Let us know more what exactly does the latest “Help Me Write” feature can do.

This latest AI-powered feature will help the users in quickly drafting the emails. This feature is still work in progress and will rolled out to the global users very soon. The “Help Me Write” feature will definitely going to be time and effort saver for lot of the Gmail users as the content auto-drafted will be almost error free.

This feature will come on both Gmail and Google Docs where users can use it to get content suggestions or draft with minimum input provided by the user. This will also be rolled out to the Google Workspace users as well.

Here is the video of Aparna Pappu, Vice President and General Manager, Google Workspace explaining the upgrades which will be coming to the Google Workspace platform.

If you are on Google docs and want to create a new document, you just have to click on the “Help Me Write” option, create a prompt of the content which you want to write and just click create. Once the content is drafted, you will also have an option to recreate or regenerate the content.

Below is an example mentioned by Sundar Pichai while explaining this feature:

Say you received an email informing you that your flight had been cancelled. Although the airline has offered you a voucher, you actually desire a complete refund. You may use “Help me write” and swiftly draft an email.


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