[First Look] Apple Mumbai’s Store To Reopen on April 18

The most awaited Apple BKC, Mumbai which is the first physical Apple Store in India is all set to be opened on April 18th, Apple offered a special entry for the Media personal for a quick walkthrough of the flagship store a day ahead of the official opening. Tim Cook will be unveiling this store.

To talk about the design of this store, it is seen with a huge glass facade with a modern design and look. As we enter, we can see a spacious interior, high ceiling and pillars to create an open store experience with all the desks to place the gadgets are arranged in a parallel setup. The latest iPhones are arranged in the very front row in the store.

First floor of this marvellous store have dedicated sections for iPhone, iPad, Mac and special sections for Apple TV+ and HomePod.

With more than 100 employees who can speak 20 languages, the main aim of this store is to create a seamless and enhanced customer experience. It is also revealed that the Apple Mumbai BKC store is the most energy efficient store in the world. 100% of the store is powered by the solar energy.

Other unique feature of this store is its unique ceiling design which is made of wood with a triangular handcrafted texture. Apple’s attention to detail is seen at each and every corner of the store.

This store is going to be a destination for all the Apple lovers in and around Mumbai. Apple is aiming to deliver the best retail customer experience for its customers showing their products and their commitment towards sustainability.

While the brand is still working to increase their offline presence in the country, the Apple Mumbai BKC store is definitely a milestone to offer the best customer experience, best products and with the state of the art infrastructure.

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