BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) Fully Live in India, Check New Maps and More

BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) is now fully live, players can now download and play the game in India. Players were able to download the game starting May 29th but the game servers are live from today. Apple users should also be able to download the game from today.

Please be informed that all the users might not be able to play the game today as the roll out is going to be in phases, 100% roll out will be done within 48 hours. The latest BGMI is going be a lot different than the version which was banned in India last year, we can see a lot of restrictions, different visual screens and time limitation for the players under 18. As part of the time restriction, players under 18 will be able to play the game for 3 hours and the time limit for the players above 18 years is 6 hours. There are restrictions for game spending limit as well for the players below 18 years. Let’s see what is new in the latest BGMI.

BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) Fully Live in India, Check New Maps and More


As part of the latest release, we can see a new map “Nusa”, which is going to be a tropical scenic map and new weapons like actical Crossbow and NS2000 Shotgun, a new two seater vehicle ‘Quad’ and Ziplines are also seen in this map. Players can also see a lot of in-game events, “Super Recall” feature to recall the player who died.

As we already know that Krafton received the required approvals from the Indian government to relaunch the game with certain restrictions. It was also known that BGMI was banned last year due to certain security concerns. This relaunch is going to be monitored for a period of three months and will be evaluated again by the regulatory bodies for further actions.

If you are not able to play the game now, please wait as the game’s playability is being rolled out in multiple phases.

But we already started seeing lot of Youtube live streams as well. Below is a live stream from famous game streamer Dynamo Gaming.

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