Apple iPhone 15’s Important Feature Of Type-C Charging Port In Question By The Users.

Apple iPhone 15’s Important Feature Of Type-C Charging Port In Question By The Users.

Apple has just now launched the new iPhone 15 which has the advantage of a different charging interface. The new iPhone 15 has a universal Type-C charging USB port. This was mainly done to decrease the problems of Apple users finding an Apple charger in difficult situations. It is often seen that users, if they forget their charger , are not able to charge their phone. It gets hard to find an apple phone users and then get charged as well. This article will discuss the problems which Apple is now putting forward to the Apple iPhone 15 users.

Apple iPhone 15’s Important Feature Of Type-C Charging Port In Question By The Users.

What is this all about?

It is currently being noticed that the Apple users who have been using this charging port are facing some issues. The main aim of changing the charging interface from Lightning cable to Type-C was to make the chargers universal. However, now when Apple users try to charge any of the four iPhone models with an Android charger, a new problem is seen. It is observed by a huge number of users that the phone while charging is become very hot.

What is happening with iPhone 15?

It is seen by users that when they are trying to charge their iPhone with any other Android USB Type-C cable, the phone gets heated unreasonably. Along with the issue of overheating, the phone seems to become so hot that it is even becoming hard to even touch the phone while charging. The news is just not a complaint from a particular section of users, but rather from different parts of the world where it is being released.

How is the Apple Type-C charging port being question?

If you are planning to buy an iPhone, it is important to keep in mind that not any USB Type-C charger will work with it just because the charging port is Type-C. You also need to buy an Apple Type-C charger to accompany the phone. This whole situation doesn’t make any sense because the whole purpose of making the change was to make it universal. Another reason for the change was to make it easier for the Android users to shift to Apple. This second reason as well seems to be not fulfilling as the whole idea seems to be failing.

Is the new iPhone Type-C charging port idea failing?

The idea of finding a universal charger for Apple as well was an important feature of iPhone 15 which here seems to be failing as a whole. The company’s stores in China seem to be informing the users to not to use any other Android USB Type-C chargers. If used, there is a huge risk of exacerbating overheating issues. The phone, according to the users, is becoming uncomfortably hot and is even hard to touch.

Why is the overheating problem occurring in the iPhone 15?

The whole problem seems to be coming from a difference in gap between the single row 9 pin and single row 11 pin connectors. There seems to be warnings issued not just by Chinese Apple stores, but many other Apple stores as well. This whole thing has not been addressed by Apple themselves. However, it is seen that the official Apple’s guide book seems to be indicating to using only Apple’s charging  adapter other cables and to keep the product healthy.

It is also said in the guide that the users can use a third party items as well with some specific criteria. But it is seen it is quite impossible for users to use this third party app. The heating of the phones is quite an issue which is highlighted by not just the users (which is important as well) but by the Apple Stores as well. The issue seems to be quite series and should be addressed by the company as soon as possible. The voice should be raised when we look at the price of the phone.

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