Apple iOS 16.6 Beta Version Out: Check It Out

Apple released the first beta version of iOS 16.6 and iPadOS 16.6 for developers before their Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) which is going to happen next month. This beta version brings a lot of new features to increase the security like the iMessage Contact Key Verification and many more.

We are not sure whether the iMessage Contact Key verification feature will be fully functional in the beta version, but it is pretty much confirmed to arrive with this version. The major job of this feature is to protect the apple users from the spam or any other digital threats. It will be very much helpful for the government officials, human rights activists, celebrities, journalists who might be targeted in the digital attacks.

This features allows the users to validate and confirm the identity of the person whom they are chatting with and identify any unknown sources. If both the end users are using this feature, this will also alert if there are any breaches in between. With this feature, Apple users can also authenticate the contacts by validating it with a Contact Verification Code in person, via FaceTime, or using another secure application.

It is also confirmed that the iMessage Contact Key Verification feature will be rolled out to the iPhones and the other Apple devices by the end of 2023. This feature is introduced along with another feature Security Keys for Apple ID which was rolled out in the iOS 16.3.

This beta rollout will help the developers to test the features before they are launched to the broader audiences.

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